Email Marketing

When it comes to email marketing, too many industrial companies — and the agencies they work with — focus on amassing the most contacts possible.

But instead of focusing on accumulating a ton of contacts, what you need to focus on is engaging and turning them into customers.

At Thomas, we’ve been helping manufacturers and industrial companies engage B2B buyers through email marketing for more than a decade, generating millions of leads in the process.

Let’s engage your prospects and turn them into customers.

Digital conversations that convert into real opportunities

There are 205 billion email messages sent every day, and most are deleted within seconds or routed straight to a junk folder. You’ve got a lot of competition — and very little time to make an impression.

Instead of sending emails that never get read, we can craft an email strategy that gets you more leads. Here’s how:

Targeted Personas: Email marketing shouldn’t be one-site-fits-all. After all, the design engineers you want to connect with don’t think like the procurement folks that you want to do business with. Through marketing automation and persona targeting, we tailor your messaging and personalize it so that it stands out in your prospects’ inboxes. We also create different email types — newsletters, promotional emails, personalized sales engagements — to best meet the needs of your prospects and customers, no matter where they are in their buying process.

Technical Writing: Through segmentation we know what we need to say. Our industry veterans know how to say it. We speak the language of manufacturing, industrial, engineering, and procurement, and this knowledge imbues all the copy in our emails, from click-worthy subject lines to body copy that makes people take notice — and take action.

Professional Design: There’s an art to email marketing, and we know how to wield a digital paintbrush. We create emails that are easy to scan, engaging to read, and, most importantly, encourage conversions.

Tracking Results: For many agencies, email marketing runs on autopilot. But not with Thomas. We continually evaluate your email marketing performance, perform A/B tests, and stay attuned to the latest changes in the marketplace in order to continually improve your results.

The Bottom Line: Sure, high open rates and click-through rates are important. And we’re really good at getting them — our clients’ email marketing campaigns perform 300 percent better than the industry average. However, we take a big picture view of your email marketing efforts to ensure we are moving the right needles — boosting lead generation, reducing cost-per-acquisition, and improving retention, just to name a few. That’s what really counts.

Let’s get your emails out of the trash bin and put more leads in your sales pipeline. Let’s rule the inbox together.