Industrial Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO) 

Driving traffic to your site will make your analytic reports look good but what is it really doing for you?

All of the traffic in the world won’t make a difference to your bottom line if that traffic doesn't convert into real business opportunities.

What you really need are opportunities, leads, customers, and revenue. So that’s why SEO experts work side-by-side with our experienced industry professionals to implement SEO programs that attract qualified B2B buyers and turn them into customers.

Stop paying for traffic. Start generating real opportunities.

Our Approach To SEO For Industrial Companies

SEO is about so much more than stuffing a ton of keywords on your website. There’s a lot that goes into boosting your rankings and, more importantly, converting visitors into customers.

At Thomas, we work with our clients to understand their goals and their market, and we create a tactical, outcome-driven SEO strategy to meet their needs. We also keep abreast of the latest algorithm changes and ranking factors, bringing our knowledge to bear for you.

Here’s what our approach entails:

Initial SEO Site Audit: We thoroughly review and analyze your current site to assess your site’s technical architecture (page load times, responsive design, encryption), and to uncover penalties, errors, and potential issues. We use this information to make our initial recommendations and establish a gameplan.

Penalty Resolution: If we come across any penalties that are hurting your rankings, we’ll work diligently to remove them and get your website out of penalty.

Tactical Keyword Research: We don’t start with a list of phrases; we start by evaluating how your specific target prospects search for the products and services you offer. We leverage the user activity on — a powerful and proprietary set of data — as well as feedback from you to compile a list of keyword targets that will bring active, qualified buyers to your site.

Content Development: Our SEO team and content marketing writers will create highly targeted SEO content offers, and strategically place them on your site. We’ll also optimize your metadata to play well with search engines.

Backlink Building: Getting links from quality websites is one of the best ways to enhance your SEO. We leverage our deep industry connections to generate backlinks that increase the authority of your domain.

Monthly Reporting: Some SEO agencies will take your cash and leave the analytics to you. We’re not one of those companies. We perform detailed analysis of our performance to make ongoing adjustments to website content, coding, and other elements in order to drive continuous improvement. We also prepare detailed reports and review them together with you every month.

Industrial SEO Expertise

At Thomas, we’ve helped more than 500 manufacturing and industrial companies improve their rankings, generate more traffic, and drive more leads through our strategic Search Engine Optimization approach.

Our track record and qualifications include:

  • Improving organic traffic by an average of 95% within one year.

  • Improving visitor conversions by an average of 214% within one year.

  • Consistently delivering first-page rankings for our customers.


We’re a Google Certified Partner, so our team of experts always have their fingers on the pulse of the latest algorithm changes.